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Welcome to our new web site, we are totally mad about cardboard and boxes! We thought it would be great to have a site dedicated solely to the cardboard box - it's history and uses, also maybe a little about its place in our environment and future design. 

Having worked with cardboard boxes in one way or another for most of our working lives, Sue and I decided to build a web site dedicated to that most humble and yet so useful household workhorse with a million uses.

Our kids (and we) love making things out of cardboard, from castles and moats to robots and space ships and our store room is always jam- packed with cardboard of all kinds as we never throw a cardboard box away if we can help it.

Recycling and reusing things is an important part of our daily lives and we try to save everything we can from going to waste, preferring to use our imagination and modelling know-how to make toys and even useful household items from waste materials.

Sue has a thriving Etsy storefront and regularly sells her home furniture items, blinds and lampshades that she has made over the years from recycled materials, (mostly cardboard). Our home is full of colourful and inventive sculptures, models and knicknacks we have all had a part in making and there is always a new project on the go.

I have worked in the aviation industry for 12 years and have been a keen aircraft modeller for many of those years, always preferring paper and cardstock to plastic prefabricated models. Now we have computers, printers and the internet there are literally thousands of designs out there to download, print and cut out/ assemble I am in hog heaven and there are new ones coming out all the time.. I have been working on a few myself, I use 3d modelling applications like 3d studio and Adobe Photoshop to do the textures, detail and final design.

A great web site that has a massive range of paper models is fiddlers green or just google paper models, you will find quite a thriving community of paper modellers.

If you are a keen paper modeller, papier mache addict or just like making things from recycled materials we would love to hear from you if you have any questions, suggestions or design ideas please contact us!


Published on  August 12th, 2013